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Three The Hard Way

Featuring: Dellon , Max Dyor, and Natasha Sweet
Date: March 24th, 2017
Photos: 98
When Dellon sees Natasha Sweet talking on her phone while waiting for gentlemen to approach her, he yells, "Even her tits have tits!" He and his bro Max were out looking for a girl with big tits to party with. Max said he knew a street populated by hookers with huge hooters. They drove over and sure enough, there's the unbelievable Natasha Sweet, ripe for the plucking. Natasha walks over to their car. She can't speak fluent English but she doesn't need to. Dellon and Max go crazy over her. That's the usual effect she has on guys, and when that guy is a diehard tit-man, they go even crazier. Natasha is ready for some fuck fun right away and a two-guy sausage party is fine with her. After they drive Natasha back to their pad, she's on their dicks as soon as they walk in. Each man takes a breast and gets busy sucking and licking it.

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May 19, 2017
STUNNING BEAUTIFUL GIRL, this is what I am talking about, notice picture 98 is the last one, but is incredibly beautiful, there are 98 images on this set, and only one image was dedicated finally to captured her FULL COMPLETE FROM HEAD TO TOE BODY ON CAM, WITH HER ARMS DOWN, BOOBS BEAUTIFULLY HANGING DOWN ALONE WITH NOTHING COVERING, PRESSING OR HIDING. WHAT A PARADISE, THANKS CAMERA CREW FOR THIS STUNNING IMAGE, I wish you guys could take the side and back of her in the same very way, but to me the most important is the FULL NUDE OR TOPLESS COMPLETE BODY FROM HEAD TO TOE FRONT SHOT, that is why I don't care if there is no more images like that one, but I have to be honest I feel very disappointed when a photo session does include NON OF THIS KIND OF FULL BODY SHOT EITHER NUDE OR TOPLESS, then is very sad, that becomes an lost opportunity of capturing the model's full body on cam, I feel happy now with this last image because at least on this photo set we got ONE TRUE COMPLETE FULL BODY SHOT WITH BOOBS HANGING FREE. I JUST WISH WE CAN ALWAYS GET AT LEAST THIS SHOT AT THE END OF EVERY SINGLE PHOTO SESSION and on video at least some frames dedicated to get the same kind of FULL BODY SHOT WITH BOOBS HANGING FREE but not with camera TOO LOW, simply cam at a normal height, I just wish these models can be captured like that since I believe these FULL BODY SHOTS ARE THE ONLY ONES CAPABLE TO REVEAL THE TRUE MAJESTIC REAL BODY PROPORTION OF EACH MODEL.THANKS AGAIN FOR THIS LAST PICTURE FULL BODY GIFT............
March 27, 2017
quickly becoming one of my all time faves
March 25, 2017
Fabulous scene ! More of her please !
March 25, 2017
Gotta love all the boob grab, double blowjob and boobshelf pics! Next time double blast her lovely face!

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