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Natasha's Sexy Bikini Shower Show

You know that Natasha Sweet is smokin' hot and where there's smoke, there's fire. That fire has to be extinguished so Natasha cools off her insane body in the shower. She's brought along something to please her pussy after she showers and it's not soap-on-a-rope. "I love oral sex," Natasha said with the assistance of a translator. "Every man should practice oral sex on his woman and he should be skilled in this. I love to give a man the best blow job and if he has a big cock, that is even better. I appreciate great sex even more now than when I was younger and I know my body better. The men in my videos have very good cocks and know how to please a woman." "Gorgeous woman! Someone needs to get her pregnant and her huge boobs full of milk!" commented pskao8. No thanks, pskao8. We don't need Natasha taken out of circulation! We need her back at SCORELAND. .
Featuring: Natasha Sweet
Date: February 9th, 2017
Duration: 66

Member Comments

5 days ago 
Thank you for bringing us these beautiful busty women. There is nothing more comfortable than watching big natural beasts with big nipples.
1 year ago 
SHE IS UNIQUE, she is STUNNING BEAUTIFUL, her boobs are huge even bigger that BOZENA's boobs, this comment section about her it should be full of comments. I do not understand how can she get just one comment and now this comment, she is one of the most beautiful models ever recorded on SCORE, she can be easily compared to he huge breasted JOANNA BLISS, NICOLE PETERS, VANESSA Y, BOZENA, ROXY RED, KRISTINA MILAN, VANESSA DEL, CHLOE VERIER, that is why this girl needs to be recorded capturing HER FULL BODY, where she can be standing up straight with arms down, boobs please let them to be hanging down free, no hands on them covering, hiding or pressing, we need to see her body proportions, and her huge boobs hanging down heavy and free, FULL NUDE showing her FULL FRONT, SIDE AND BACK, I do not understand why cameraman decides NOT TO TAKE that FULL BODY FRONT SHOT WITH ARMS DOWN, there is an image on this set where she is full nude standing up almost straight but she is covering her boobs of pressing them, please we need always that very shot but with boobs hanging down FREE, nothing covering them, just to be able to see how heavy and how beautifully massive are her breast hanging down heavy. PLEASE INCLUDE THAT KIND OF SHOT THAT IS BECOMING EXTINCT HERE MORE AND MORE. THANKS....
1 year ago 
Just. Fucking. WOW!!!!
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