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Natalie In Black

This is a sort of reunion issue of V-Girls this month, what with Daizie, Gillian, Jonee, Belinda and Clare strutting their sweet parts in the studio, hauling out their big guns to blow us away. Natalie too has gotten sexier in the studio. A girl with an ordinary job, Natalie isn't a part-time model who shoots to become one of those web-cam/ adult entertainer/ video hot shots. She's just a regular chick who enjoys making a few bucks and having some fun in the studio. (That's how many big bust models were in the '70s.) Judging from all the feedback we have gotten from readers over the '90s, that's exactly the kind of model most V-Men want to see. "When I am posing like this, I really get physically excited also. Some of those positions you guys put me through must really trigger something in my nerve endings!" .
Featuring: Natalie Scott
Duration: 25
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