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Score Magazine Holiday 2006

Featuring: Morgan Leigh
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SCORE: Do you wear a bra a lot? MORGAN: I wear a bra almost all the time when I'm not modeling. I wear a bra to sleep because it's more comfortable. And I don't get tangled up. Otherwise I get tangled up when I sleep without a bra. SCORE: Have your boobs ever fallen out of your clothes? MORGAN: That quite regularly happens because I wear little tops and tube tops, and they always fall off. It's quite funny. And I always wear bikinis to the beach, and my bikinis are really not the right size for me, and they quite often fall off. SCORE: You must look spectacular in a bikini. MORGAN: Oh, I scare people to death! They're either scared or embarrassed. They're like, "Look at this woman!" SCORE: They're just going crazy over your boobs.

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July 20, 2017
Morgan is one of the best!

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