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UK Hot Waxer

Ouch! We've seen wax jobs before but this is a different kind of waxy build-up. Morgan Leigh covers her hooters in hot wax like a human candle. "There's tricks to waxing without getting burned," says Morgan, one of the UK's finest. "A lot of dancers use wax in their shows. Choose plain, soft, paraffin, unscented, non-colored candles because they melt at the lowest temperatures. The harder the wax, the hotter the temperature, and that will sting. Test it before you pour it. Let the candle burn until a pool of wax has formed, blow out the flame, wait a bit, then pour it in drops. You want to make sure the candle is high so the wax drops cool as they fall." And there you have it, safe waxing tips from Morgan Leigh, Miss Titty Wax herself. Remember, Boob Brothers, don't try this at home.
Featuring: Morgan Leigh
Date: August 17th, 2008
Duration: 100
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