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Mischel Lee looks the fertile type. She'll make a sexy MILF. We can already imagine her pushing a stroller and wearing a tight top, short skirt and high heels.

When we learned that Mischel was pregnant, she looked ripe and ready for a shoot. She said she was flying solo, no hardcore with studs, until after she delivered. She's keeping the sex at home for now. That's fine with us. We are completing a third pregnant chick DVD, Preggos & Milkers 3 and Mischel is sexy in whatever she does.

Mischel looks hot with a big bump, a thick bush and even bigger tits engorged by the flood of pregnancy hormones. Her areolas are darker, now a dark cocoa color and her nipples and pussy are super-sensitive.

"I always love to have my breasts sucked and my nipples pinched and pulled," said Mischel. "Now I love that even more because I am so sensitive. I find that I am touching my boobs more without thinking about it. It just happens. Even when something brushes against my nipples or I wear…
Featuring: Mischel Lee
Date: May 31st, 2017
Duration: 70

Member Comments

3 months ago 
Whoever had the honor of planting his seed in here is one lucky stud.
6 months ago 
Damn! I thought Mischell looked great before. She's even more beautiful pregnant. Great set of photos!
8 months ago 
Absolutely gorgeous!
1 year ago 
Shes so good !!!
1 year ago 
Well I guess I know who will be inspiring wet dreams tonight!
1 year ago 
Amazing. Just beautiful.
1 year ago 
I dont even have to look at the pics to rate this woman! hot as a 5 alram fire n hairy mmmmmmmm
1 year ago 
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