Big Boob Photos » August 2005 Voluptuous

August 2005 Voluptuous

Each breast measures 21" in circumference, 15" from nipple to chest along the slope with 3.5" areolae. Now that's our kind of Italian! It's easy to get stuck in Miranda's web and she doesn't need to shoot it at you from her wrists. Miranda could probably whip up a spider-woman's web since she holds a degree in chemical engineering from a college in Italy. But there's no need for sticky stuff. She just points her nipples and lets nature take its course. And on that subject, Miranda says her nipples are super-sensitive and would be, even if they weren't this big. She likes them sucked, licked and lightly bitten, in any order. .
Featuring: Miranda
Duration: 40

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2 years ago 
I am just discovering this italian stunning beauty. Who could resist to her sex-appeal...
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