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Buxotica - SCORE Special 80

"I think all of Minka's fans would agree with me that Minka, besides her awesome pair of boobs, does possess a more sensuous and alluring pussy than any of the top SCORE models." says J.K. of New Jersey. Jon B. of parts unknown writes, "Please keep featuring Minka, Maxi and Casey James. They're simply the Breast!" Another SCORE Guy writes, "The frequency of Minka's appearances is often enough not to be overdone, like some other models were for a while." Finally Chuck pleads his case, "Please have some of the original big boob women back in your magazine, such as Minka and SaRenna. They are the reason for buying and viewing your magazine for me. Their big tits and beautiful bodies are what makes you the best in the business. Please give these ladies more opportunities.".
Featuring: Minka
Duration: 50
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