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Nicola And Michelle

A nice contrast in skin tones and body types, this is a rare sex teaming of Michelle, German buster, and the tawny Nicola Moore. These sharp as a razor stills were taken during the shooting of their segment, in London, for our girls-who-fuck-girls video Bosom Buddies #2. Michelle is a strapping busenbabe who outweighs and towers over the relatively petite Nicola so you know who plays the leading lady and who plays the obedient sub. But first a bit of chat about the cock sizes of German and English men before they go at each other. In a bid to re-ignite World Wars 1 & 2, Michelle mentions that German guys have small dicks while Nicola lifts a wine bottle to illustrate the cock size of the average Brit. If they were drinking Budweiser, they could have thrown in the anatomical dimensions of the average Yank.Then it's on to some cozy tit-to-tit and tit-to-clit loving, with lots of mutual breast fondling and nipple kissing. When the buzzer sounds for fake penis time, Nicola handles a dildo, feeding it into Michelle's Teutonic twat until orgasm. Stills can be deceiving but on this video, you'll see how truly massive Michelle's tits are compared to Nicola's, who at 34E is by no means petite in the bust. What you'll also see in Bosom Buddies #2 is Michelle lubing her strap-on prick and Nicola's bushy pussy, the better to fuck her in doggie and cowgirl style, after Nicola demonstrates how she gives head on her knees while the strapping Michelle looms over her. We replayed this scene several times for greater accuracy in our description.
Featuring: Michelle and Nicola Moore
Duration: 20
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