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Voluptuous November 2004

In her private life, Michelle of Germany says men should be "rauh aber zärtlich" which translates loosely to "rough, however, tender." She says she looks for men with huge cocks--10 inches or more--who can stay hard for at least an hour, and when she finds someone like that, she doesn't care what his face looks like, excluding The Elephant Man. She didn't explain how she "looks" for guys like this. Newspaper ads? You get a woman like this on your hands, keep her real happy. So you fall into a bottomless pit of financial insolvitude and inevitable bankruptcy. Big deal. So you wind up living paycheck-to-paycheck. So what? She wants a new car? No problem. She wants that swanky little cottage in the country? Done. At least your balls are happy. .
Featuring: Michelle
Duration: 40

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Freakin goddess
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