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Spoiler alert. This posting contains unhappy news. Unless Michelle May changes her mind, this is it. Michelle has graduated nursing school and is finished with modeling. She plans on devoting herself 100% to a busy career healing the sick. This news left us sick ourselves but we must find the will to go on even though it will be difficult to get out of bed in the morning. There will be new models and if Michelle ever decides to rejoin the big show, we'll be here waiting with fully-charged batteries and the latest Nikon. However she seemed pretty confirmed about quitting modeling at this time. We could try pretending to be sick as a ruse to get her back but the odds of that working only happen in the movies. .
Featuring: Michelle May
Date: May 21st, 2010
Duration: 63

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Michelle is beyong hot. her dvd work is awesome. she fingers her creamy pussy extraordinarily well and her tits jiggle along too and bang, I'm cumming my ass off. this photoset is very very hot with great wardrobe and makeup on a gorgeous lady.
7 years ago 
"....left her model career healing the sick." ??? Well I hoped she would go for healing the dick, preferingly on vid.
Shit happens...:(
8 years ago 
So sad to learn that Michelle plans to leave modeling. I was hoping there was a
dick in her future at Scoreland.
8 years ago 
Good Luck Michelle! Bet you look smokin' hot in that nursing unie!!!
8 years ago 
A real Cutie! Good work Score!
8 years ago 
Hi Guys,thanks for a wonderful site,I think you definitely should try something special to retain Michelle May's services as a model,Dual careers are financially lucrative and everyone needs the extra cash.She is one of the women that definitely takes your site from good to the Best.She and others is the reason why I battle to terminate my monthly subscription to your great site.Regards Allan.
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