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Sports Girl

Featuring Mianna Thomas
Date October 27th, 2011
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Mianna's knockout body has been breastnotizing us poor boob suckers since she first busted out here. This boob is no exception and becomes a slave of her nipples before working his way down to her pink pussy-hole. When we first saw Mianna, we thought she was a dream, a mirage, the second coming of the now legendary, now retired, Brit bra-killer Sammie Black. But Sammie never fucked guys on camera like Mianna does. And with joy and happiness and a big smile as she gleefully drains their nut-bags of the man-sauce. "I am proud of my tits" says Mianna. We're glad she says this. "I love them." Sometimes Mianna will meet a guy who just wants to fuck her tits, neglecting her cookie. "There was one guy; I was horny and he was horny. I was telling him to 'stick it in me, stick it in me!' Instead, he put it right in between my tits and just starts fucking them.

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