Big Boob Photos » Voluptuous November 2005

Voluptuous November 2005

"Oh, my friggin god! This girl is gorgeous," says C.G., struck, but not struck speechless, by Merilyn's superslim rack and major nats. "Please have her in every issue! Hypnotizing eyes, curvy hips, and stellar breasts. She is too tough for words, man! Oh, well, I'll quit my rantings and ravings." Merilyn has a very rare body type, to be sure. She's a mammary marvel. Not to get overly clinical about it, but a doctor at the University of Michigan and a doctor at the University of Massachusetts claim that their research proves that there is no statistical correlation between body fat and breast size. (Boobs are 80 percent glandular tissue and 20 percent fat.) Do these guys read Voluptuous and XLGirls? There are very, very few women built like Merilyn. Even so, the majority of naturally extra-large breasted women (E-cups and up) tend to be heavier and have bigger asses, thicker legs and arms and meatier midsections. It's only..natural. .
Featuring: Merilyn Sakova
Duration: 40
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