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April 2003 Score

SCORE: What do your boobs weigh now? Melonie: 18 pounds at last check! It's actually very difficult to weigh them too. I've tried lots of ways to weigh my breasts. The most accurate way is using the produce scale at a supermarket, but this can be extremely tricky with fellow shoppers around. My current method is to step on my bathroom scale at home and record the weight (right now 132 pounds), then have a friend hold my boobs up while I step back on the scale (right now 114 pounds). It's a bit tricky to teach my friends exactly the right way to hold my tits so that the reading is accurate, but they seem to enjoy practicing. SCORE: What types of dildo and vibrators do you use at home? Melonie: I have a standard 6" vibrator for quickies. I also have an 18" custom made vibrator for those "special occasions" - I told you that more is better! With the average-sized vibrator, I can keep going, and going. But with the 'big boy', I wind up totally drained and have to rest up after the avalanche. SCORE: What brand of lubrication do you use? Melonie:Usually I don't need any. SCORE: How many times a week are you masturbating? How long does it take you to cum? Melonie: Since I started doing the iFriends web cam regularly, it seems like I masturbate almost constantly while I'm on-line.
Featuring: Melonie Charm
Duration: 30
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