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July 2002 Score

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SCORE: How many times a week do you have sex? Melonie: I have sex three or four times a week. SCORE: Describe in detail your cocksucking techniques. Melonie: First I like to get a guy really ready by slowly stroking and licking up and down the sides of his cock and licking his balls. Then, as I am stroking and licking, I start to "take in" the head of his penis and then go down and lick the shaft and balls some more. I come up again and suck a little more of his member, and then lick his cock and balls back and forth until I am sucking in his entire cock down my throat while gently massaging his balls. By this time, he's as hard as a steel pipe. SCORE: Which sex position do you use most often? Melonie: I prefer to be on top so that I can smother my partner with my mammoth mounds! SCORE: Why do you think the guys you attract want to fuck your tits? Melonie: Because my tits are are so big and firm. Remember, I can crush beer cans with my boobs! You can imagine what I can do to a rock-hard cock between my tits. Most boob guys love lots of tit fucking. SCORE: Who is in charge most of the time during sex, you or your partner? Melonie: I try to make it 50/50 as far as "being in charge" during lovemaking, but somehow I always manage to end up dominating during my sexual encounters.

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