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November 2000 Score

Melonie Charm has a breast fetish. She genuinely loves giant titties and not only for money making reasons. When her implants faltered, she gambled on the controversial string method which has made supersized sultanas of Minka, Maxi, Kayla, and Chelsea. Now Melonie is supersized, happy, and still growing due to the properties of the string. A web pioneer, she's a computer brainiac and has a command of programming that's better than many pro webmasters. Says Melonie: "This layout was shot in San Diego while I was visiting my friend Busty Kathi. I measured 44" right after surgery in December '99 and had grown to about 47" by the time these pics were shot, and I'm up to 49" now, hoping to 'top out' at 50", my long-time goal. The custom bras I last purchased were from Sheerfantasy. I have a few bras from Coalesce because they make bras up to M cup from the start instead of modifying a different sized bra. Guys tell me they love to see my tits in bras but I rarely wear a bra since my boobs are happiest in workout tops, which are soft but provide a little support too.
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3 years ago 
I have to admit, when I was younger, I didn't care for models like Melonie. Now that I'm older and wiser, I LOVE them. I love a woman that WANTS big tits and goes and gets them.
3 years ago 
This is one horny gorgeous big tits Milf.
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