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Buxotica: Boobs Beyond Belief

Melonie Charm's personal boob quest for gigantic tits is one of the more intense stories in hyper-hooter expansion. In November 2000 SCORE, she was a tiny 47 inches across. Melonie finally reached her goal of 50 inches last month. Her tits are literally as big as watermelons. (It's even more incredible seeing them in person.) Her current stats: Height: 5'3". Weight:125 lbs. Measurements: 50-24-36. Her shapely legs and ass is overshadowed by her massive mountains. Has her mega-breast fetish been satisfied? Bras: "Every bra that comes close to fitting me has to be custom-made, and custom bras are very expensive. Because of the cost, and the fact that my boobs are still growing so that my cup size has kept changing, I only own a couple of bras that fit me at the moment (size 34 MM).
Featuring: Melonie Charm
Duration: 34
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