SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Big Boobs In The Sun
Maya Milano told us she was always the bustiest girl in school. No girls came even close. Now her bustline is a whopping 43-inches and she needs her bras fitted by a seamstress. Her body is mindblowing. A guy once tried to get a date with Maya by telling her that she "had the best boobs in the city." Maya enjoys going to the gym but she must wear several sports bras for support or she can't work-out comfortably. Maya enjoys playing billiards, and she says she's a good singer, too. We'd like to hear her sing. Angel Wicky has sung on-camera but it's rare to see a model sing at SCORELAND. Maya heads to a local park to enjoy some time in the sun and stretch out on a blanket. She will be enjoying even more time in the sun when Holiday '14 Voluptuous magazine arrives at stores.
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