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Knocked-up Mary Louise

It wasn't us. We swear on a stack of bras that it wasn't us. You must believe us. And it wasn't the randy photographer whose cock Mary Louise sucked and tit-fucked in that you-da-man photo shoot. The decision to publish this preggo shoot of Mary Louise was a difficult one. On the one side, we get a pretty fair share of requests asking for sexy pregnant pictorials. That's never been easy to accomplish. On the other side of the fence, we weren't certain that showing Mary in her robust child-carrying glory was something that many would want to see because a lot of her appeal is based on something of an innocent, sexy-but-sweet, semi-virginal nature, and seeing her swollen belly after being knocked-up by a dude might diminish those feelings in the eyes of many. But if we had passed on this photo shoot, it's certain someone else would have taken it eventually. And she does look ultra-sexy at eight months in.
Featuring: Mary Louise
Duration: 90

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3 years ago 
I envy the lucky guy who impregnated Mary Louise. I hope he is helping her with the child.
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