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Mary Louise V-mag Debut

So you want to be a SCORE Group photographer and shoot the girls with the big swingers? Take this simple quiz to see if you have the right stuff. To get an overhead view of the model, looking down on her in bed, like Mary Louise here, you should: A) Use your belt to hang off the ceiling and shoot down. B) Use a secure ladder or platform set-up. C) Sit on a tall assistant's shoulders. D) Place the bed horizontally against the wall and glue the model's back to the matress. Writes Steve from Oregon: "Mary Louise, your newcomer, is stunning indeed! Her face is truly pretty and should make any man crane his neck for another look. Her body has all the symmetry and proportion in the right places. I have no doubt that her career in this business will be long and fruitful, if she wants it. I hope you have or will soon get a lot of photos of her for future issues and tapes before some fat cat comes along, takes her away, makes her his trophy and keeps her all for himself. Where do these women come from?" Mary Louise is from California by way of Peoria, Illinois.
Featuring: Mary Louise
Duration: 30

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3 years ago 
Too bad that Mary Louise gave up modeling. She's gorgeous!
3 years ago 
The finest tits on the web!
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