Big Boob Photos » Score June 2004

Score June 2004

SCORE: What attracts you most about a man? Marketa: When he is a real man, built well, not skinny. SCORE: What turns you off about a man? Marketa: Skinny men with no meat. SCORE: What's the best thing a man can say to you? Marketa: How beautiful I am. SCORE: The worst? Marketa: Don't bother me. SCORE: Are you bi-curious about other women? Marketa: Not really, but I do love women. SCORE: Are you sexually assertive or passive? Marketa: Assertive. SCORE: Do you initiate sex, or do you wait for the guy to make the first move? Marketa: I wait for him to begin. I like aggressive men. Men who take charge and want to be the boss.
Featuring: Marketa
Duration: 40
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