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April 2003 Voluptuous

While Mariana's happy to lick her pale areolae and give us panoramic views of her creamy DD's, her pussy and her asshole, her poses have been strictly mellow. No boy-girl nasty stuff for her, at least for now. This was a terrible blow to us but what choice do we have? Why do women hurt men so? It's not like we were hitting on her. Mariana's a classicist, and an artist, for those of us who appreciate more intellectual and esthetic pursuits. "I've thought about doing it, but I decided it wasn't for me," she said. "I kept thinking to myself, 'What if I am not happy about this one day. We have to live with our actions. So, for now, I'm happy posing alone without a man." Fine, we can live with rejection. "My breasts started growing when I was 12," she said, "and they didn't stop until about six years later. I guess I was lucky." No, we're the ones who are lucky.
Featuring: Mariana
Duration: 40
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