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June 2005 Voluptuous

Voluptuous: Okay, this is a really bad question, and you can slap my face if you want: Are you easy? Maria: Yes! And proud of it. Voluptuous: Well, if guys want it on the first date, why shouldn't girls? Maria: Well, I have a theory about the first date. I think you should have sex first. Why waste your time having dinner with somebody you don't like? I think you should just get it out of the way and find out if the sex is good, and then, if it works out, have dinner. Voluptuous: Let me get this right. A guy asks you out.. Maria: I believe in him coming in first and fucking me. I invite him in and have sex. That's my preference. I've been rejected a few times and had a few bad dinners, but it usually works out to both of our advantages.
Featuring: Maria Moore
Duration: 40

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2 years ago 
maria is beautiful one of the best!
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