SCORELAND Big Boob Photo
SCORELAND Big Boob Photo

Service With A Smile
From the Male Fantasy Files, the busty, pretty front desk clerk is played by Mandy Pearl, an English beautician and beauty-industry model. If you ever checked into a hotel alone, and the girl who checked you in was a sexy little thing, this fantasy will click instantly in your brain. At Hooter Hotel, the phrase, "single or double bed," has a better meaning. Mandy's here at Scoreland because of the urging of a friend of hers, a guy who reads SCORE and Voluptuous and is a member. He kept telling Mandy to check us out and would remind her that she has the right stuff to be a model. "I looked at and that was the start for me," said Mandy. "I've never had the interest to model for anyone, I just didn't trust them and for good reason. But I loved my experience. I think mine was different because I began with a group of other models and it became a community for that week, living and modeling together. They are a great group of girls.
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