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Rack of Mandy

Back home in Great Britain, Mandy is a beauty therapist. Most cosmetologists and make-up artists have a desire to model also and Mandy was no exception to this rule. She enjoys posing and models part-time in her area for various assignments, like tradeshows or any business event that needs pretty models. Mandy's friend Kevin is a SCORE reader and encouraged her to try modeling. Mandy decided to take a chance on herself and contacted us. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Most English models get hired by local English studios, take a train to their location and wrap up their assignment before the day is over. In Mandy's case, her first SCORE assignment was to take a jet to Budapest and spend a week with some of the most famous girls in Europe and the USA as well as the entire SCORE studio in a historic castle. Not too paltry at all for a newcomer! She got along well with everyone and, to use a cliché, "seemed happy to be here. "We loved this orange tube-dress Mandy wore for this pictorial outdoors.
Featuring: Mandy Pearl
Date: December 30th, 2008
Duration: 60

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6 years ago 
I think you guys should change the title of this set to
"Smoking Hot!" & No, i'm not talking about that cigarette
she's smoking. LOL
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