Big Boob Photos » Score October 2004

Score October 2004

Mandi's pussy-plugging scene in Busty Dildo Lovers #3 (in which she is instructed by SCORE editor Dave) is still talked about (by the people at Doc Johnson, who thoughfully provided the vibrators). What a fine, sleazy event they both made happen. It still brings tears to the eyes. Mammaries are truly made for this. But Mandi wanted to top it, make it even better, and after some planning, this Daisy Dukin' garage pictorial is the result. You'll note that Mandi has learned to sling those rubber cocks like nobody's business. Those seeking foo-foo glamour may not appreciate the sophistication and elegance of this photo shoot but Mandi is certainly proud of it, and so are the boys at SCORE. Once more, thanks to Doc Johnson for producing quality American goods. .
Duration: 39
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