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Lynden in Pink

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Lynden Johnson? An unusual name for any Colorado feature dancer to choose, big busted or not. The name doesn't have any kind of sexual or adult show business connotation, whatsoever. She started off by posing for nude glamour pictorials. This example is presented for the first time here at SCORELAND. In 1993, Lyndon relocated to porn city Los Angeles, California, and by the time the whirlwind had settled, Lynden had racked up nearly 70 hardcore video credits. The majority were done during '93 and '94, a handful in '95, and that was it. Many of her videos were in the heavily raunched out "quickie" category and Lyndon was not above doing some anal scenes, either. Usually she was a secondary name, not the star. A lusty, professional, energetic sex performer who sometimes dated her male co-stars, Lynden vanished from the smut industry and the big bust dance scene after her initial blast of whatever it was that she sought: a living or a career. Those who knew her say she tried her best.

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