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Lovely Libra's Massive Jugs!

Featuring Lovely Libra
Date March 4th, 2008
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Libra stands a mere 4'11", weighs 188 pounds and wears out a 38DDD bra. Her dress size is 16. Her preferred cock measurement is "Big!" Big girls need big wood. She loves sex and lots of it, as much as she can get. Three times a day is good. Libra has an exhausting libido that needs to be satisfied by an equally horny hombre. "I like a man to cum on my tits," says Libra, rubbing it in. "Look at them. Where else are you gonna shoot it out? My tits are so big that there are times when I get so frustrated trying to find bras that fit me properly that I feel like crying. I need to have the best support I can get because they're so heavy!".

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