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Key Largo Holiday - Part 1

The origin of this massive group shoot began with ChloesWorld. Last October, we photographed Chloe Vevrier in the SCORE Studio, with the exception of a few location shoots around town. This time, we wanted to create new Chloe pictorials for her website "in the sunshine and fresh air," to paraphrase SCORE's John Fox. Once we had secured the Key Largo location for Chloe, it seemed a natural decision to bring in a few more models. We began to organize a list of potential names. Bringing in all-natural breasted girls was the first consideration. While the Boob Cruise has a mix of natural and augmented models, we sail with at least fifteen models these days. The Key Largo shoot was expanded to be no more than six models at the most. Lorna and Kerry were at the very top of the list from our experience with their personalities and professionalism. We also loved Chaz, who has not shot all that much, but has great professional skills, a pretty face and a phenomenal chest.
Featuring: Kerry Marie and Lorna Morgan
Duration: 68

Member Comments

4 months ago 
Kerry, Chloe and Chaz are my top 3 favourite models of all time. Kerry being number 1. These photos are gold!!

And yes, curse you Score for no zip files!!
1 year ago 
One can always use his left hand while the right takes care of the mouse
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