Big Boob Photos » Key Largo Holiday - Part 3

Key Largo Holiday - Part 3

Today is a series of Chloe digital shoots for her website ChloesWorld, a mix of indoor and outdoor pictorials. Chaz has arrived from England. You'll be seeing her in a bit. Fatigued from jet lag, she has spent the night in Miami. SCORE Chief John Fox, Voluptuous Editor Joe Monks and SCORE Columnist Elliot James drive Chaz to Key Largo. It's her second time in America. Chaz has visited New York City once, on holiday, but she has never worked as a model "cross the pond." This is the first time Chaz has ever posed outdoors on location. All of her prior shoots were inside the SCORE studio in London. In fact, Chaz has only shot about six times before we invited her to join in the Key Largo project. Her acceptance was immediate, and we wasted no time in booking her flight to Miami.
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