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Lola At The Office

Enter the 44 caliber guns of Lola Lane, shooting FF size bullets right at ya. Another major find for us-Holy Jingle Balls, look at those hangers! There is a Santa Claus. Actually, that old fuck didn't give us anything. Lola contacted a Voluptuous photographer after she lost her job. One look and we were happy to help out, as we twirled our Snidely Whiplash moustache. "Yes, you will do fine," we said, expressionless, as beads of sweat began to form on our genitals. "Your credentials seem in order. Let us get the..(wheeze, choke)..modeling paperwork ready." Lola alternates between a serious, almost glum expression and a cheerful smile. Lola's stats: Born September 25, 1971. Age: 29.
Featuring: Lola Lane
Duration: 20
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