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Holiday 2005 Score

SCORE: When you're practicing a blowjob, do you try to determine what works and what doesn't work? LISA: Well, it really depends on the guy. I like to ask questions. "Do you like your cock stroked?" "Do you like a lot of pressure, a little bit of pressure?" "Do you like tongue movement?" "Do you like deep-throating?" "Do you like it when I go all the way down?" Some guys are more sensitive than others, and it just all depends on the guy. This way, when I'm on the set and I have a guy, I can say, "Okay, do you like your balls licked?" "Do you like hard stroking, or do you like soft stroking?" "Would you rather I just use my mouth to suck the cum out of your cock?" SCORE: Are you telling me some guys don't like to have their balls licked? LISA: Yes. Some guys don't like their balls to be touched by nails, either. SCORE: And there are guys who don't like deep throat? LISA: Some say it hurts when it starts going down the back of my throat.
Featuring: Lisa Lipps
Duration: 60
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