Big Boob Photos » Lisa Score Xtra #6 July 2002

Lisa Score Xtra #6 July 2002

Featuring: Lisa Lipps
Photos: 80
Lisa's paint job doesn't last very long. The painter checks out her superbody and decides that his brush could be used for a better purpose. With cover girl Lisa as his fuck-buddy, he's absolutely right. Does his union know about this? Probably not, or they'd raise his dues immediately. And by the time Lisa got through fucking and throating his trouser snake, he was completely exhausted, too tired to finish the job. It takes a strong man to slake her thirst for cum and, fortunately for his sake, he is a responsible and reliable worker, or he would have gotten the heave-ho. When you see Lisa in action, you are watching the very best in cocksucking and hose-wrangling, a woman who takes great pride in her sexological talents and skills. And that's a fact, Jack. .

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