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Mammary Lane

This 1992 pictorial of Lisa Chest (also billed as Lisa Gazombas) was found in the SCORE Photo Archive in London. Readers of the upstart SCORE magazine were impressed and mailed in their pre-email approval letters when Lisa's first pictorial was published in November 1992's issue. "When you folks said only the best D-cup babes would appear in SCORE, you weren't kidding!" wrote L.F. "What a torso this girl has, and those super, mouthwatering tits, mmm! Lisa is built like a burlap sack full of bobcats! Please have Lisa in SCORE again soon--I can't wait to see her live!" C.T. wrote: "I recently met Miss Lisa Chest (aka Lisa Gazombas) at the Deja Vu Showbar here in Toledo, Ohio. In fact, I brought her a dozen roses when she was there. She moved about on stage like a wildcat in a frenzy, and made me glad that I was there to watch her stellar performance. My hat's off to the lovely lass." And, unfortunately for C.T., that was all he got to take off. Veteran SCORE Guy D.W. wrote: "I was waiting to see you guys take the SCORE shirt off Lisa Gazombas back and boy, was it worth the wait.
Featuring: Lisa Chest
Duration: 40
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