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June 2000 Voluptuous

Cassidy Linzi hit the big time in our Holiday '99 issue, many of you went ga-ga, and so she's back for your voyeuristic pleasure, not to mention ours. Only this time she's added the surname to avoid any comparisons or confusion with Linsey Dawn McKenzie. A good idea, even if they are physical opposites. A table dancer at several clubs in Liverpool, Linzi makes centerfold status this ish and rightfully so. Another example of that idealized Voluptuous look: huge knockers, supershapely, a pretty to gaze upon face and oh yeah, yeah, yeah still a teen (18). She's more popular than ever since her V Girl debut and can pick and choose her choice of playmates, and really play heartbreaker, although she's still got an earlier boyfriend's moniker tattooed on her right shoulder. Which is why we always strongly recommend those stick-on tats. Get a new guy, they merely peel off the ex and slap on the latest. American fans of Linzi are also hugely jealous of their fellow Brit tit men. They got to check out Linzi's nude body when she was 16, the legal age to pose topless in the UK.
Featuring: Linzi Cassidy
Duration: 20
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