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May 2005 Score

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Newcomer of the Year meets Model of the Year for the first time in London. "Time will tell, of course, whether Kelly has Linsey's longevity and impact on the big-boob modeling world," declares C.L., of New Hyde Park, New York. "It never ceases to amaze me that Linsey's appeal is so timeless. Time and again, she gets me hard. I think, though, that Kelly is very competitive with Linsey in terms of the size and fullness of her breasts and the overall shape of her body. Kelly exudes a sexiness that is rare in an 18-year-old. Of course, Linsey has been modeling for a long time, so she knows how to make herself look great for us. Either way, both girls stand on their own as great big-breasted models, and I'd be proud to walk down the street with either of them." V.S. of parts unknown is more on the pithy side: "Is Kelly Kay Linsey's equal? Who gives a fuck? All I know is that there isn't a guy in the world who wouldn't gladly blow his load all over either one of their chests.".

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