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Voluptuous May 2004

"I'm Famous and Frightened," broadcast by U.K. satellite channel Living TV, reached 2.3 million viewers over the course of three nights, and ranked high with a female audience aged 16-44 years-old. Living TV also interviewed Linsey prior to the weekend at haunted Chillingham Castle. Do you believe in ghosts? Linsey: I think I do but I'm not scared. Have any members of your family or close personal friends had paranormal or ghostly experiences? Linsey: This one time my whole family got really in to doing ouija boards. That was freaky stuff. At the end we knew we needed to get rid of it so we smashed it up. The scary thing was it was found again and it was whole! If yes, describe your emotions and any physical responses that you experienced before the onset of your encounter Linsey: I just felt very scared. That is stuff you just don't know the power of! Have you ever been to an investigation at a haunted site before? Linsey: No, but my best mate Jodie Marsh lives in a really haunted house that's really freaky. I was going to stay in the room that they used to keep people before they were hung, but when we got back from a night out, I chickened out.
Duration: 40
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