Big Boob Photos » Score October 2003

Score October 2003

You need a lot of energy to keep up with LDM any day of the week, whether it's in the studio, on location, on the Boob Cruise or just running around town. Now Linsey loves South Beach. For a long time, like most Brits, she dug Spain and Portugal as vacation spots, but Miami Beach is her most favorite place in the world to play. She loves the beach and the stores by day and loves the restaurants and clubs by night. With SCORE shooter Peter Wall as her photographer, driver and quasi-bodyguard, Linsey was all over Sobe for the day. Some of Pete's photos would be great "Welcome To Miami Beach" postcards. One stop was Santini Mavardi's swanky shop where she had a shoe bonanza. She flashed in the street. She hit the beach where the lifeguards were kind enough to let her pose on their tower and in their vehicle. (Like they'd say no?) Linsey just got it like that.
Duration: 20
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