Big Boob Photos » January 2002 Voluptuous (Xmas Shoot)

January 2002 Voluptuous (Xmas Shoot)

If you saw the docu-boober A Day With Linsey, you saw this set being shot in the London studio before LDM finished off her evening at the Circus Tavern, a strip joint she and other British girls hit regularly. Linsey's tits look absolutely mindboggling in this Xmas layout. They seem even more gigantic than usual for some reason. Or we could be hallucinating yet again. Our fearless SCORE editor/interrogator Dave met LDM in the model's plushy dressing room when she was in Miami to shoot additional scenes in Ultimate Linsey. As she was soaping up her world-famous cans and poonani in the model's plushy Jacuzzi bathtub, Dave asked her a lot of probing model plushy sex questions. This is our usual procedure, newlywed model or not. SCORE: You said you're working on learning how to deep throat. What are you doing to practice? LINSEY: I'm trying to take my mind off of the actual blowjob and think about other things. That allows my throat to relax and not think about heaving.
Duration: 35
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