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May 2001 Voluptuous

LDM took her coming in number two with her usual cheery, good-natured, wry, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. We prepped this Cleopatra layout since we figured it would be the perfect shoot to publish if she won. We would have published it anyway since LDM will always be every awesome inch a queen, whether it's of the Nile, or of England, or of just the whole bloody world. What's LDM been up to lately? A whole bloody lot! Modeling, TV and convention appearances. Some travel, including a trip to the Canary Islands. Most of you know by now that Linsey was married in London a few weeks ago. We've just interviewed her and her husband for October 2001 SCORE Magazine. The interview will include exclusive photos. Linsey's also shot some new goodies in London for her site, Linseysworld, and we're looking forward to getting LDM to visit the boys in Miami again for a round of LinseysWorld web shoots. Congratulations, dear Linsey.
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10 months ago 
If Lindsey would be the queen of Egypt, I would be happy as her personal slave.
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