Big Boob Photos » July 2000 Voluptuous

July 2000 Voluptuous

Another devastating pictorial of Britain's most well known big bust megastar and a darling of the London tabloid celebrity scene. It's difficult to understand how J.P. (Voluptuous art director) created this month's unique cover on his computer monitor, but in this multi-Linsey magazine cover, we subtly masked her nipple, which allowed us to present a totally nude Linsey. Well, okay, she's wearing shoes. Which do you like better, this cover or her January 2000 cover? This is Linsey's 6th Voluptuous appearance, coinciding with the debut of and her latest video for us, Linsey's Lezzie Seduction, her exciting team-up with the awesome Autumn of Alabama. She has said that this video will be her only girl-girl show, as she just doesn't have the interest in playing with the girls. So the ultimate, a Linsey-Chloe pair up, will not likely come to pass. Boob Cruise 2000 marked Linsey's third cruise--you'll be seeing her pics soon in our special Boob Cruise edition of SCORE on sale in mid-October. Over in England, Linsey is in constant demand as a TV personality--a shame our satellite dishes here across the pond can't reach that far. From Japan to the UK, Linsey reigns supreme and she's still just 21 years old. .
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