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Score Holiday 1999

Or Linsey McKenzie, as the UK superstar prefers to call herself these days. Linsey just turned 21 on August 7, yet is a five year phenomenon, because she's been able to pose nude in England since she turned sweet sixteen. Ironic is the difference in censorship laws of the UK and the USA. We just featured Linsey in the November '99 SCORE, but when this new photo set came in, we rushed to publish it. Why so? Her breasts are a full cup size bigger here, from 36H to 36HH. This was due to a flood of hormones from a recent pregnancy. Sadly, Linsey had a miscarriage two weeks after this photo set was taken. It was her decision to do the shoot. "I didn't even know I was pregnant but my breasts were overflowing so much. I went to the doctor and he told me..I thought my breasts would go down after the miscarriage but they didn't." Current Linsey news is her table dancing schedule at a new London club called The Fantasy Bar, which allows many of her fans to visit and hang with her.
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