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Linda In Black

Bit of a Voluptuous warning here if your perfect woman is three feet tall, flat head and no teeth.. hey, what's not to love! But, if you're into skinny, Kate Moss-type, fly-away-in-the-wind type gals, this ain't the chick for you. Linda's for real men! Guys who drink beer, watch football and want real women with broad hips, an ass you can play with for a week and cleavage to die for! And Linda's as real as they cum! Can you say "STACKED AND PACKED!" Linda can, and she doesn't need to say a word! And, guess what? You won't find Linda in any other nudie book this month! Only in the Nov. '98 Voluptuous! Hey, what can we say.. It pays to be a Voluptuous-man! .
Featuring: Linda
Duration: 18
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