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East Meets Breast

Featuring: Hitomi and Lily Madison
Date: May 28th, 2016
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This is a major first. Japan's Hitomi meeting England's Lily Madison in Prague for a girl-girl show. Both were winners of SCORE's Newcomer of the Year contest, Hitomi in 2012 and Lily in 2014. Both have similar bods--slender, shapely and busty. They come from completely different cultures but that's no barrier to them getting it on and enjoying each other on-camera together for the first time. They're both erotic and sensuous girls with sex appeal that's off the charts. Hitomi has traveled 5,600 miles or over 9,000 kilometers to get to Prague from Tokyo. Lily has flown almost 800 miles or 1,260 kilometers from London. SCORE has specialized in this kind of "matchmaking" since the beginning in 1992. Hitomi wants to taste the nipples and pussy of this English girl.

What Members are saying about this update...

November 22, 2016
Thanks for you comment Big Pete, what you are saying is the proof that I am not the only one that can notice this lack of full body shots, I think that this is a reality, is very sad to see a great number of stunning models, unique bodies, coming in and out SCORELAND PARADISE and just a few of them where recorded depicting her full body complete from head to toe with arms down no covering the boobs, no bending just standing straight, boobs hanging free showing to the camera for stills and video her FULL FRONT, SIDE, and BACK, sadly those full body shots are not what the majority of angle shots that cameraman usually does, is very sad to understand that the priority to the cameraman is NOT to registry the FULL BODY STANDING STRAIGHT, there is always tons and tons of any angle possible with camera, very close, from below, super close from below, cropped body pics, you name it, a lot but when it comes to FULL BODY SHOTS is really a dessert, if we are lucky we can get 1 or 2. or nothing on every set. If you guys also start asking to DEAR SCORE TO DO IT THAT WILL HELP A LOT, WE ALL CAN ASK TO SCORE, TO THE CAMERAMAN TO START INCLUDING THOSE FULL SHOTS AT LEAST 3 IMAGES FRONT, SIDE, and BACK for every model in stills and for video, on video will be even more beautiful to see the girl standing straight no hands covering the boobs then she starts rotating slowly as camera can capture her WHOLE BODY that will be just HEAVEN ON SCORELAND, I HOPE THAT CAN BE DONE, notice the last update of Katarina Dubrova cameraman did not took a true full body shot arms down, yes there are 8 full body shots but is not showing her full nude standing straight with arms down, well that was just a example. I think it should not be something temporary it really needs to be done as rule as a must for every model their bodies and stunning beauty deserves to be recorded like that as real as the camera can capture them. THANKS SCORE FOR YOUR STUNNING MODELS I STILL HAVE HOPE THIS CAN BE DONE SOON...
September 10, 2016
I agree with supernova!! Good call man. That would be nice to see
May 31, 2016
I'll be glad when Hitomi is finally able to make some international hardcore. I've seen some of her Japanese hardcore, but it's different.
May 31, 2016
Clash of the TITans...
May 29, 2016
Love both of these girls but together!? Amazing!!! God I wished hitomi would get out of this japanese contract or whatever it is stopping her showing the world her pussy.
May 29, 2016
What a fantastic set!! How great is it to See Hitomi pleasure Lily down below!! I have never seen her do anything like that before!! Thanks Score for a great session!!
May 29, 2016
One of the most beautiful girl-girl scene for years !!!
But I would really love to see Lily licking the pussy of Hitomi.
May 29, 2016
Amazing big tit action
May 28, 2016
Just beautiful

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