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A Chestful of Surprises

Featuring: Lillian Faye
Date: December 25th, 2009
Photos: 52
"I like lots of foreplay," says Lillian Faye, revealing her slender 'n' stacked bod in Holiday '09 SCORE and in a matching SCORE Theater Video. "I like tit play, kisses up and down my entire body, especially my neck, boobs, tummy and ass. When I'm alone and don't have a guy, I masturbate a lot. Don't most girls? I love a vibrator buzzing on my clit and my fingers inside my pussy." Her pet peeve is "when guys make demeaning comments to me. It lowers my self-confidence. I wish some guys could be nicer and not be so mean." What she wants to do one day. "Meet a nice guy to travel with so I can be safe in different cities. I'd love to go to Amsterdam one of these days and go to other countries too. But I'm too scared to go alone." Lillian lives in Seattle. "Seattle can be too cold and rainy too often.

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February 09, 2013
My cock and I agree - Lillian is stunning!
August 03, 2010
OMG, she's perfect! Slim with huge naturals!
February 10, 2010
Cute, but a bit too skinny. I never thought I'd find a stick model type here.

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