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Voluptuous Dressing Room

SCORE: Have you ever walked down the street and caused a traffic accident? Lilith: Not that I know of! (giggles) SCORE: Were your breasts large in high school? Lilith: Yes, I was a C-cup by third or fourth grade. SCORE: In third grade? When did you reach D-cup status? Lilith: I can't remember. I just know that they've always been very big. SCORE: Did any of your male teachers react to your boobs? Lilith: I never had many male teachers, just women. I was in my freshman year of high school when the boys began to pay attention to my chest. SCORE: What's your own favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed? Lilith: Regular sex. And I like titty fucking.That's what you guys call it, right? SCORE: That's what we call it. Do you like a lot of that? Lilith: Yeah, I do. It turns me on to watch it more than anything. SCORE: Are you very vocal when a guy fucks your tits? Lilith: Sometimes I urge him to do it.
Featuring: Lilith
Duration: 50
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