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Interview With Letha Weapons

Featuring: Letha Weapons
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John hadn't seen Letha in years. Neither had SCORE editor Mike Uwate. Letha was SCORE's blonde haired cover girl for the August 1992 edition, the second issue of the magazine. 1992 was a pivotal year in the megabust explosion and Letha was one of the girls who lit the fuse. Her last SCORE appearance was for the August 1995 issue. At that time, we were running front and back cover shots. Letha, in one of her favorite costumes, a star spangled two piece, had the back cover honor. These were the years when Letha's pictorials were shot in London at the famous John Graham Studios. Back then, SCORE Man Sir John could have started his own airline, flying in American exotic dancers. In her pictorial, Letha was brunette, her natural hair coloring.

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