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Interview with Letha Weapons

Featuring: Letha Weapons
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SCORE: What's with the new hair? LETHA: My real hair! I finally got it back to my natural color. I loved the blonde hair, but so many people messed it up that I got sick of dealing with it. They would overlap the chemicals or cut it wrong. I didn't want anybody touching my hair ever again. SCORE: Is there any truth to that saying that blondes have more fun? LETHA: Not for me! I always have fun! I just started dancing again. I took off six months for a little break, but I really missed it, so now I'm back. And..I just started doing porn videos. SCORE: I was just getting to that. When I first heard you were going down the XXX road, it was surprising, because you refused to do those for a while. LETHA: I never did it, but it wasn't because I had any inhibitions.

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