Big Boob Photos » January 2003 Voluptuous - Leisha: Red Br

January 2003 Voluptuous - Leisha: Red Br

It's hard to comprehend that it's almost a friggin' year since Leisha last posed for Voluptuous. Much too long in the opinion of many, like this fellow. "I thank God, and you guys, for presenting the sexy, sexy Leisha in all her glory. Her areolae alone are works of art that should be cherished time and time again. I rarely watch television except for the news. I never go to the movies. I don't rent movies. In my free time, I only care about big tit magazines, videos and websites, and that's the only things worth spending my extra money on. Who gives a fucking shit about anything else? I am a confirmed big tit man of many years. It's too bad that the topless clubs in my city have only ugly, worthless pieces of shit, faked-boobed whores and not vibrant, true Rubenesque goddesses like Leisha.
Featuring: Leisha
Duration: 30
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