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Score April 2007

Featuring Laura Fairchild
Date April 3rd, 2007
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Get 'em while they're fresh is one of our mottos around here. Here's round two with Laura, who first hit in July '06, not quite a full year ago. The Page 3 type (meaning knickers on), Laura is getting ready for summer vacation from college. She's unsure about her plans. Work in a store and take part-time classes in acting? Travel? So many choices for a hot babe. "I thought about investigating the chance to work as a counselor in a summer camp so I am researching that now," explains Laura. "I have to hurry as they are accepting employees right now for the summer. I liked trying modeling but it's not steady enough to keep me busy on a regular schedule." We recommend the summer camp. Laura can have the adventure of a lifetime teaching swimming, volleyball and other bikini-based activities while the male counselors and adminstrators have a great time watching her.

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September 06, 2015
There's just something about Laura/Lora that makes my cock super fucking hard. So hot yet looks like a pleaser - pure filth. Bet she takes it up the arse and spunk across her face.

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